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Hi folks,

Long time ago since I last designed a Tutorial. About a year or so. Today I decided to do it again. Not only because to breathe in new life to but to give an answer to this bunch of stupid photoshop tutorials out there whose authors are only interested to get more and more traffic to their site and not for the reasen to support the community.

Well this time of abstinence is over now! This Tutorial was proposed by a girl named Sara.

Let’s go!

Download this zip file with several stock-Photos you’ll need to follow my instructions. Note that you only are allowed to use this stocks if you give credits to their owners, except the shot named face.jpg, this is not a stock.

Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 1

So open the file named face.jpg. This is our so called object. Furthermore open clock.jpg and digital.jpg and copy them into the face .psd File, just by dragging them into another. Now we have some very huge textures in here. Of course you have to resize them.

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 2

Go to File-Transform-Scale and resize the Layers “Digital” and “Clock” like I’ve done. After that zoom in to the eye. First of all we’ll work with the layer “Digital”. Maybe you will have to resize the layers again. You now how it works!

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 3

Now we will copy the “digital” texture into the white of he eye. A smooth fade in. So place the texture over the eye. Now switch the Layer “Digital” to invisible. But remain on this layer. Take the Pen Tool.

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 4

4) Click with the pen Tool around the eye. I made 7 clicks. Now take the Convert Point Tool. It’s in the same palette like the plain Pen Tool. First, click on one of the 7 points. While holding shift on your keyboard move your mouse and you will see how smooth results you will get. After the first click you can release the shift Button. If you don’t understand what I mean you can get around this actions just by making not only 7 clicks around the eye but as much as you like until you think you have a nice mask above the eye.

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 5

After editing all the 7 points you can switch the “Digital” Layer to visible. Now right-click on your path and choose “make selection. In order to get smooth cut out you have to choose in the following window, feather radius= 0,7. Click OK. After that press M on your keyboard to get the Marquee Tool. Right-click on the selection and choose “select inverse”. Click OK and press the delete Button on your keyboard.

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 6

A nice smooth result, isn’t it!? Well of course you can refine this techniques but that would burst out the time of this tutorial. Now switch the Blending Options of the “Digital” Layer from Normal to Soft Light. That results that the Texture will blend through the eye. After that switch the “Digital” Layer to invisible. Now click on the “Clock” Layer. Go to File-Transform-Distort and edit the Layer until you get an result like I have.

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 7

Now click on the “Clock” Layer while holding down CTRL. So you’ll get the exact selection around the Clock. Go back to the Digital Layer (first switch it back to visible). Press Delete. Now you can use the Blur Tool to smooth the crossings.

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 8

8) Set the Blending Options of the “Clock” Layer from Normal to Overlay. You can also edit the color of the “Digital” Layer. (Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation) Well that’s the eye manipulation! Simple isn’t it. Repeat this Steps to manipulate the second eye.

Webdesignstudien V.4
Photomanipulation Tutorial Step 9

9) Now we’ll give the picture an unpleasant overall feeling. Open the file Heaven.jpg. Just place this texture above all your layers and set the Blending Options from Normal to Overlay. An you are done!

Webdesignstudien V.4