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Oilpainting Tutorial Step 1

Take a picture of your choice.

Dublicate the base-layer by right-clicking on the Background Layer. Choose Dublicate Layer. Now go to Image-Adjustments-Desaturate.

Now set the blending mode of your black-white layer (I call it Desaturate) from Normal to Darken. Try out other blending settings. You’ll see some awesome results will coming up!

Webdesignstudien V.4
Oilpainting Tutorial Step 2

Now you’ll give the picture a kinda old appearance. Merge all visible Layers. Go to Layer-Merge Visible. After that go to Filter-Artistic-Film Grain. Watch my settings on the right. But this settings aren’t obligatory, just a direction!

Webdesignstudien V.4 photomanipulation.html
Oilpainting Tutorial Step 3

Now we will apply the proper oil effect! Go to Filter-Artistic-Dry Brush. Again please use my settings shown on the right. That's it. You're Ready!

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Webdesignstudien V.4

Final Result